USB-MOD basic module

The USB-MOD connects al internal modules with the computer.

Modules are connected with an internal System connection. This consist of Midi-IN or Midi-OUT and 5 volts power.

Al modules are daisy chained connector to the System IN. The last module is also connected to the System OUT of the USB-MOD, to allow configurations and status signals.

+ USB (HID) connection to the computer (10 pin header direct to board)
+ Internal midi system connections
+ Standard PC 5.25" floppy power connector
+ Volume padal jack
+ Sustain switch jack
+ 2 user switches jacks
+ Connector for additional midi-in/out board (USB-MIDI)

FATAR keyboard
3 x 8 Buttons+LED
1 x 8 buttons+LED
Module selection

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