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Detailed information about this project can be downloaded here.
Consider this is a very large and complex project. The state it is in, is basically theoretical.
The board for the Fatar keyboard has been tested, but in another technology as presented in the plans. It al has been changed in plans to eventually come to the plans as presented. (That's why we do prototyping to change things :-)

In the download you’ll find a description of the idea with detailed information on how to implement this with the ready designed hardware. The hardware is PIC 18F2550 based and was programmed with Mikro Elektronika (MikroE) MikroPascal. At PC level I used the old Visual Basic 6.0 for support software. As far as applicable, source codes are available in the packaged. PCB's are in Eagle format and the 3D drawings in Google SketchUp format and PNG files.

This is not a project to quickly overlook and to get revenue of.
It is a project for experienced hardware and software engineers, no matter professional or hobby based
Consider the cost it will take to create only one working prototype.
Consider it will take you some amount of time, in mounts to complete the project.

Are you sure?

Download ( 45 Mb)
- Included 3D drawings -
Cadsoft Eagle PCB Design software
- PCB-designes included -
- PC-based -
- Embedded technologie -
FATAR keyboard
3 x 8 Buttons+LED
1 x 8 buttons+LED
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