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As everyone I have been living and working day by day without making any concern about getting very serious ill. Unfortunately the most horrible thing happened to me, as I was diagnosed with cancer (Liver metastasises) in September 2012. I knew instantly, this would mean the end of my live within the next year or less. At only 52 years of age just way too early to leave this live. So many plans, so many ideas, so many dreams, which can’t be realized anymore.

At that time I was just working on the Music Workstation project, as presented. A prototype had been made party and various boards where designed and ready for prototyping and lots of electronic parts are on stock. Diagnose of my illness, caused a sudden end to my project, because I would never been able to market it, or even complete it. It made no sense to continue anymore.

However, the project left me with pain in my hart. No one would ever get to know about it, unless I publish it some way or another. That’s how I came up with the idea of this website.

I sincerely hope someone will pick up the idea and realises it in some way. I think it’s a great project to be made to some hobby project with commercial benefits to.

I hope some does.

Sincerely yours
Fred Stevens, Netherlands
Prototype casing of a already working Music Workstaion.
PC Inside and board for Fatar keyboard.
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Fred Stevens, Netherlands
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